How to Publish your site to a domain:

To tie your published website to a custom domain name, make the following changes with your domain registrar:

  1. Create a CNAME wildcard (*) that points to
  2. Remove/Delete the WWW CNAME pointing to @
  3. Forward the domain name to itself (i.e. forward your domain name – –  to

Once these changes have been made, your website should be published to your domain name within 72 hours.

**NOTE** If you are unsure how to do this we recommend contacting your domain registrar for assistance.

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Adding a CRM lead module


Obtaining more leads is something every business owner should have in mind at all times. At times we would like to obtain new lead information to send that lead more information about your services or business. You can add a module to your website which will allow leads to enter their contact information and for that information to go directly into your CRM. If you decide to utilize the new CRM lead module, you will need the access key and an access token. Simply copy the access key and access token and paste them into the module edit screen within your web builder admin. Please follow the instructions below to configure the new CRM lead module.

  1. Please log into your Website Builder Application and click on edit page and select the box that reads ” Stay in Edit Mode”. Next, Select the Modules tab and click on ADD NEW MODULE. Select CONTACT FORMS and click drag and drop the module to your webpage.


  1. Once you have added the module to your page you will have to configure the module. Click on the gear and select settings to configure the module.


  1. Once you are in settings you will need to go under the GSB Contact Form settings. To get your access Key and Token click on the “Click Here” and you will be prompted to another page to generate the keys.


  1. To get your access Key and Token click on the “Click Here” and you will be prompted to another page to generate the keys.


  1. Once you click on generate API Key, you will copy and then paste this key under the GSB Contact Form Settings page and click UPDATE once finished.


6. Once you have entered the Access Key and Token, the CRM lead module will display on your website like the illustration shown below.



7. When the contact form is filled out and submitted, this information will go directly into the leads tab of your CRM.