Transaction Tracker Lists


Any small business that aims to succeed will need more of a contact, income and automobile management. For contacts it is important to have a  list of names followed by addresses and phone numbers. An effective management system for a small business should possess the following basic features.


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There are several lists that can be maintained through the Lists tab. These include:

Contact List

The Transaction Tracker allows you to add & store contact information for prospects, customers, and vendors. The functionality here is identical to the Contacts icon, except that in the lists section Customers and Vendors can be selected separately, if desired.

Income and Expense Category List

A basic chart of accounts. Users can easily add a new account, specifying whether the account is an income or expense account with an option to assign the new account as a sub-account of an existing account. The Edit button associated with each existing account allows modification of the Account Name, the categorization as Income or Expense and the assignment as a sub-account. Once you have made the needed additions or edits, select Update to post the changes to the database.

Automobile List

This list is maintained using the same functionality as to Add or Edit an Automobile.