How to Create A Document In Manage My Minutes

Within the Prepare Documents tab, you can document the minutes of a meeting, consent in lieu of a meeting, resolutions and actions, and initial governance documents.

    1. To prepare documents for a corporate meeting, select “Minutes of a Meeting”

    1. To begin, select the meeting that is needed to prepare the minutes for and click NEXT. If you haven’t entered the meeting yet, you can do so under the “Schedule a Meeting” tab.


    1. On the left hand side you will see who will be attending the meeting. Select whether the person was present, on the phone, or absent. You can add attendees by clicking on the blue “Add Attendee” button.


    1. Next you will see the meeting template preview screen. If anything needs to be changed then you will need to modify the replacement fields. Once that has been done, then you will need to click SAVE & NEXT.

    1. Next, you will need to add the resolution to your meeting on the left by searching through each category and clicking on the check box next the resolution to add it. You can click on the resolution to preview the template. Once you’ve selected your resolutions, click on NEXT.

    1. Here you can modify and edit the resolutions by clicking on them in the upper left side. Once complete, click on the “save” icon at the top right.

Once all resolutions are green, select NEXT.


    1. Here you can preview the document and select “Save and Finish”.

You can edit the document name and click “Ok”. Once saved, it will appear under the “Drafts” tab.

    1. To finalize the document you will need to go to the drafts tab and you will see the document draft there for you to finalize. Once that has been done, you can preview the document by clicking on the magnifying glass and then once you are satisfied, you will need to click on Save and Approve and then click YES.

Note: Once a draft is approved, you cannot modify the document anymore.