Getting Started: ManageMyMinutes


The ManageMyMinutes application lets you conveniently organize corporate resolutions through a combination of automated reminders and template-based document creation. For example, to create a meeting, enter the date, time, and a brief description. We recommend that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the layout and the available functionality of the application.


  1. My Documents: In this section you can view, download, and email the documents that you have created and saved in each category.
  2. Prepare Documents: You can prepare minutes of a meeting, consent in lieu of a meeting, resolutions and actions, and initial governance documents.
  3. Schedule a meeting: Set the time and place of a meeting and prepare required notices including email notifications to invitees.
  4. Calendar: View and edit upcoming meetings and filing dates.
  5. Drafts to be reviewed: Draft documents are stored up to 30 days pending final review and approval.
  6. Manage Contacts: Contacts are automatically imported from the GoSmallBiz CRM. You can also manually enter in your shareholders, officers and advisors.
  7. Account & Profile: This is your default view when you first log into the application. Enter your company name, officers and other data that is needed to complete minutes and resolutions.
  8. Other Legal Forms: Templates for drafting common contracts and correspondence (This is simply a link to our “Legal Forms” tool)