Getting to Know the Issue Tracker


The Issue Tracker gives you a total picture of your customer base and any issues they may be experiencing. This customer service solution integrates seamlessly with the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to track and document product and service-related issues so you and your customer support team can more effectively manage customer questions, issues and requests. Lastly, the Customer Issue Tracker helps you track, prioritize, and resolve customer issues more efficiently. Below is a brief summary of the Issue Tracker functionalities. We recommend that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the layout and the available functionality of this application.

  • It tracks issues by customer, product, assigned employee, or date.
  • It prioritizes, flags, and assigns issues to employees.
  • And, it sets alerts on new issues, status changes, resolutions, and more.


1. The Issues button returns you to the main dashboard where all of your issues are displayed.
2. Edit and delete selected list values to customize your issue tracker.
3. Add contacts to your database. These contacts will also appear in CRM.
4. Generate PDF reports based on products/services, and by employee.
5. Use the search panel to filter your open issues.
6. Add and create a new issue.
7. Emergency issues will appear above all other issues.
8. Select the issue number to view the open issue.