How to Create a Job Ad


Start from scratch or use our templates to create an Employment Ad. If you have created a job description, you will be able to use all or part of it for your advertisement. Follow the steps below to create a Job Ad.


1. Under the Hiring tab click on “EMPLOYMENT ADS” and proceed by clicking Save & Next.

2. Select the statement that you want to use or you can create a new statement and proceed by clicking Save & Next.

3. Next you will be asked to determine the compensation range for the position you are trying to fill. This is optional and does not have to be included in the Job Ad. Then click Save & Next to continue.

4. Next you will be taken to a page where you can add or edit parts of the job description that is included in the job ad. If you chose not to edit any sections, you may select to view the job ad by clicking on View Text Ad (Just the text of the ad) or View Display Ad (The ad as it would appear). You will then be able to export the Job Ad into a word processing document.