How to Create a Handbook



When you log in to your GoSmallBiz account and under the applications tab click on HR Document Builder. Please follow the steps below to create a handbook for your employees.

1. Begin by clicking on the HANDBOOK tab and clicking “CREATE NEW HANDBOOK”.


2. Next, you will be asked to select the state in which your company resides, and you will be asked to input information relating to your business that will appear within the employee handbook.


3. After you have selected your state, you will have a choice between manually building your handbook, or using our wizard at the bottom of the page:


4. After you have selected the wizard and added your company information, you will be brought to the Employee Handbook Wizard. Here you will decide which polices you would like to include for each section.

  1. Select which policies to include in the section you are about to work in and edit as desired.
  2. The click continue.


5. The template language will then be populated into your text editor. Here you are able add and edit as much information as needed. Once you have completed the policy, click Save & Next to continue to the next policy or section.



6. Once you have completed your Employee Handbook, you are given the option to generate a Word document or create another version for a different state if your company has more than one location for different states.