Getting to Know the HR Document Builder


The HR Document Builder application allows you to create various Recruiting, Correspondence and Policy documents. All these types of documents can be created and managed from one easy application. We recommend that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the layout and the available functionality.

  1. MY DOCUMENTS: In this section you can view the documents that you have created and saved in each category. You have the ability to create: Job descriptions, correspondence, policies and employee handbooks.
  2. JOB DESCRIPTION: You can choose from over 700 templates covering a broad range of jobs or you can create your own job description template.
  3. HIRING: Create employment Ads, Job interview forms, and candidate evaluations all from one tab.
  4. CORRESPONDENCE: Create templates for discipline, HR contracts, managing, recruiting, and screenings.
  5. POLICIES: More than a 120 policies covering the policies most needed by our employees (i.e. benefits, compensation, guidelines, terms of employment etc.)
  6. HANDBOOK: Wizard approach to building an employee manual.
  7. FORMS: Access to generating the most commonly used HR forms used by businesses.
  8. HR RESOURCES DATABASE: Federal and State government forms and resources.