Need Help Getting Started?

The information below explains what you need to know to start working with MailChimp.

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    Create a MailChimp Account

    Hover your mouse over the “MailChimp” button on your CRM main page. Click the “Create account” link in the dropdown menu, or click here.

    Note: We strongly encourage you to follow along or read the entirety of this guide prior to creating your mailchimp account.


    Enter your information in each field and click the “Create My Account” button.

    MailChimp will send an email to the address you provided with a link allowing you to verify and activate your account.



    The message below will appear in your email’s Inbox. Activate your MailChimp Account using the blue “Activate Account” button.



    Enter the Captcha, and click the button labeled “Confirm Signup.”



    1. Enter the required information about you and your organization.
    2. If you plan to use the CRM to import contacts, set the option for “Do you have a list of emails to import into MailChimp?” to “No.”


    1. Click the “Save and Get Started” button at the bottom of the page.


    This will fully set up your account and take you to the MailChimp Dashboard, allowing you to set up your first list and start sending email campaigns.


    Click the button titled “Create a List.”

    This will allow your CRM to have a home in MailChimp when they are synced.


    Click the button titled “Create List.”


    Enter the required information in the fields indicated.


    An empty list page will appear.

    Here is a link to the Mailchimp guide for setting up campaigns.

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    Associate MailChimp with the GSB CRM

    Log into the GoSmallBiz CRM through the GSB member portal or from



    Hover your mouse cursor over the “MailChimp” tab and click on the “Associate with CRM” option.



    Enter your MailChimp account information created in the previous steps. This will associate your MailChimp account with the CRM. Click “Log In.”



    Click the button labeled “Choose MailChimp List to Sync with CRM.”



    Click the drop down menu to select the Mailchimp list you would like to use for your CRM Contacts. This will be the list MailChimp will place your contacts in when you choose to sync them from within the CRM.



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    Sync Contacts

    Click on the “Contacts” tab to access your list of contacts within the CRM.sync1


    Click the button labeled “Action.”

    Click the “Select All” button to select all contacts. (Alternatively, you may select each contact individually.) Next, click the button next to “MailChimp Subscribe” to sync these contacts with MailChimp.




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    Removing Contacts from Active Email Campaigns – Opt-Out

    Select the contacts you would like to remove from all active email campaigns and then click the “MailChimp Opt-Out” button.

    Please note: This action does not remove your contacts from MailChimp. They will remain in your MailChimp account and will count against your account’s contact limit.



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    Permanently Removing Contacts from MailChimp – Unsubscribe

    Select the contacts you would like to remove from your MailChimp account and then click the “MailChimp Unsubscribe” button.

    Caution: Performing this action will permanently remove the selected contacts from you MailChimp account. It will also reduce the number of contacts counted against your MailChimp account’s contact limit.
    It is important to note, if you manually unsubscribe a contact from MailChimp, it simply removes them from your MailChimp account. They can be resubscribed with no issues. If, however, one of your contacts unsubscribes on their own, you cannot manually add them back to MailChimp.