How to Import Contacts in the CRM

The Customer Relationship Manager has an Import Contacts wizard that you can use to import contact data from other programs such as Outlook and Excel. In order for the process to work correctly, the data must be saved as either a .csv, .xls or .xlsx. To import your data into the Customer Relationship Manager, follow these simple steps. **

Step 1: Click on import contacts on the top of the menu in the CRM.

import1Step 2: Select Browse and click on the file that you want to import. Remember that only .csv, .xls and .xlsx files are supported.

Step 3: The columns in the CRM will correspond with the columns that are listed in the exported file. Select the source column that you want to establish in the Excel file.

If a source is not listed in the CRM column then select User Defined field and edit the name in the administration tab.import3

Step 4: Next, select the Account Executive, contact type and source. If you wish to include these contacts in a group, select the group that you wish to add the contacts to and click NEXT.import4

Step 5: Click Start Import to begin the import process.


**If you have any issues while importing your contacts please contact us at 1-866-467-6249 and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.