How to sync the CRM with Outlook

The Outlook Add on will give you the ability to copy your Outlook contacts into the CRM, as well as synchronizing your CRM contacts with Outlook. It will also copy your CRM birthdays into your Outlook Calendar. It does not sync task and events.

Step 1: Click on the “Download Outlook Addon” button at the top to get started:

Click on “Save File”. This will download an .exe file to your computer. It should appear at the bottom or top of your screen depending on your browser, or you can access it by going to you downloads folder:

***Note: Before installing, make sure to close Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2: Click on the “Install” button. You might receive a pop-up message stating the publisher cannot be verified. The program is safe to install. Click “Install”:

Step 3: Once you receive the pop-up stating it was installed successfully, open Microsoft Outlook. You will be prompted to log in to your CRM using your GoSmallBiz log in credentials:

Step 4: To start the sync, select yes to the next pop-up on your screen:

Step 5: Next you will be asked if you wish to copy your Outlook Contacts into your CRM:

Step 6: Next you will be asked if you wish to sync your CRM contacts. You sync now or wait and sync later through the “Sync Settings” tab”:



Sync Settings and CRM Contacts

You can access your CRM Settings through the “Add-ins” tab within Outlook:


Here you can control the sync interval time and direction:

Once you click “OK”, you will be directed into the CRM Contacts section. All of your contacts from your CRM will appear in the folder “CRM Contacts”:

***Note: New contacts added into Outlook after the sync will not be automatically added. Follow the instructions below to copy contacts to the CRM:

Select the contact you wish to copy into the CRM, then under the “Add-ins” tab, select “Copy to CRM Folder”:

The contact will be copied into your CRM once the sync completes.