How to sync the CRM with Google

Easily synchronize your CRM contacts, tasks, events, and marketing programs with your Google account with this new feature!

Step 1: Each user can sync their own CRM contacts and calendar to their individual Google accounts. Simply click on “Synced External Accounts”, and “Google” to get started:


You will be prompted to log into your Google Account, as well as granting the CRM permission to access your information. Select “Allow” to synchronize. This will create a GOSmallBiz CRM Calendar in your Google Account:

It will also create a group, “CRMContacts” in your Google Contacts:


Step 2: Select the existing CRM items you wish to sync to your Google Account:


***Note: Any new data you enter into the CRM after this setup will be automatically moved into your Google account, however it will NOT move over your existing data. To move over your existing CRM data, you must select the checkbox next to the CRM items you wish to sync to Google:

googlesync4Step 3: Click on “Finish” to complete.