The new attachment/folder feature will allow you to create folders and store content from your computer into your CRM so you can access this information anytime and anywhere! Below are instructions on how to use this feature.


  1. When you are inside of the contact you will need to click on the attachment tab. Next, click on “New Folder”. Once that is done you will need to name that folder. In this case, we will name the folder “Test Folder”. Click on “Create” to create the folder.


  1. Next, if you would like to add files to that folder you can either click on “Choose File” or you can drag the file from your desktop into the gray box. Dragging the file will be the easiest way to add files to the folder!
  1. Once you have added the file by either uploading it from your computer or dragging and dropping you will see the files below. It will look like the screenshot below. If you would like to download the file to your computer click on the icon that has a blue arrow pointing down. If you would like to delete the file, click on the red icon! Click on Save & Close once you are done.


  1. If you decided to delete the folder in the future, just click on the “Root” folder. Next click on the red icon next to the folder that you would like to delete.


  1. If you decided to rename or move the folder, click on the “I” icon. You can rename the folder or move the folder once you have done that. Take a look at the screenshot below.


6. To rename the folder click on rename. The next screen will allow you to rename the folder! Rename the folder and click on Save.


7. To move the folder, click on “Move to”. You will then get a drop down that will allow you to choose the folder that you would like to move the folder to. Once you have chosen the folder you want to move it to, click on “Move”.