How to Add Contact Information in the CRM

Step 1: Click on the “Add New” button to add a contact to the CRM.

Add contact new picgsbStep 2: If you wish to mass edit your contacts, please click on the ACTION button and you will be given a drop down like the one shown below

adding contact 2

Note: If you click on the back arrow to the left of the “Add New” button, a new screen will appear displaying additional contact details.
Contact Screen1


Step 3: Fill out the required fields and any of the fields you wish to fill in. Click on the additional details tab if you wish to provide additional information. Click on “Save and Close” once complete.

adding contact 3

Step 4: If you would like to place a contact in a specific group, click on the checkbox under the group section that you would like to add the contact to. If you would like to add a group, click on Add group. Click on “Save and Close” once done.

adding contact 4













Note about Groups

Groups: Maintain in the Administration tab in upper left corner of application. Click Administration, List Maintenance, Contacts, Groups. Here you can edit, add, and delete groups. This allows you to customize and sort your contacts so that you can easily search for a specific group. Note: The user can now add a new group under group security.