How to Add a New Task

You can view existing tasks and create new ones by selecting the Tasks button on the left side of the dashboard. The tasks dashboard presents a summary of all open tasks and uses a color-coded indicator so you can quickly see which tasks are in process, currently due or overdue:

Step 1: To create a new task click the ADD NEW icon at the top left of the tasks dashboard. This will open a dialog box where you enter information related to the task.


Step 2: The system defaults the Owner and Assigned Employee to your name. You can assign the task to another person by clicking on the pencil icon next to assigned employee and adding/editing a person.


Step 3: Select the following from the drop-down menus:

  • Task Type: General Task, Follow-Up Task
  • General Task: This will show up under tasks in the Dashboard and in the Contact quick view under “Tasks”.
  • Follow up Task: Categorized as a “Touch Point” in your Dashboard, you can quickly create a follow-up task in the contact’s quick view.
  • Status: Cancelled, Completed, Planning Stage, Postponed, Scheduled
  • Priority: Critical, High, Medium, or Low


If the task starts at a specific time, un-check the “All Day Event” box to input a start and end time.

You can send task information via email by clicking on the “Invites” button at the bottom and selecting the contact Email addresses you wish to send the invite to.

**Make sure you have set up an SMTP server for Email notifications. To set up your SMTP server please go to ‘Administration/SMTP Settings’ and enter your credentials to connect to your SMTP server**