The Customer Relationship Manager

The Customer Relationship Manager is a powerful sales force automation and customer relationship management tool that helps you manage and track events, record birthdays and anniversaries, and follow up on tasks and related information for all of your key business contacts.

new crm

With the new CRM you will have a list of features provided on the left hand side of the screen. Below are the features that are offered to you:

1. Dashboard- Home screen which displays summary of Events, Tasks, and Proposals. Within the Dashboard you will have access to the following features:

  • Birthday/Anniversaries: A quick glance at this month’s birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Events: View and track events related to your contacts
  • Tasks: View and track tasks related to your contacts
  • Touch Points: View and track follow-up tasks that you created for your contacts

2. CRM Tools- Manage your sales and marketing activities

  • Calendar– View and edit all of your upcoming events, tasks, and appointments in a day, week, or month view
  • Tasks– Add, edit, and assign sales and marketing tasks related to your contacts
  • Contacts– Manually add or edit your contact data
  • Leads– Manage your leads and lead activities
  • Notes– Attach notes to your contacts and activities
  • Events– Create and track events related to your contacts
  • Marketing Programs– Track responses and revenue generated by your company’s marketing programs
  • Proposals– Create and assign responsibility for customer proposals
  • Touch Points – Allows you to create a follow up task from the Dashboard as well as the contacts screen.

3. Administration Tab–Gives you the ability to customize all fields within the Customer Relationship Manager interface, as well as manage Group Security and SMTP Settings.









  • List Maintenance– Add, Remove, and Edit fields for Contacts, Campaigns, Events, Proposals, Transactions, Issues, Tasks, Status, and Priority Ratings.
  • Group SecurityAdministrators can grant specific users access to particular groups within the CRM. Any contact assigned to a group will display in the assigned user’s account. You can add new groups here as well as in the “List Maintenance” section.
  • User Defined FieldsUser defined fields are custom fields you create to track information specific to certain subject areas. Create an unlimited amount of custom fields for information that is not already captured by the system, e.g., county or customer number. These fields will appear in the contact details under the “Additional Detail” tab.
  • SMTP Settings- Complete the required email information so that task & event reminders can be sent out via email from the CRM system. Username and From Address are the same: your full email address. Contact Support for assistance.

4. Import contacts- Opens the Import Contacts Wizard so you can import data from other applications such as Excel and Outlook.

5. Export Contacts- Select Contact Types and details to be exported into a .csv file.

6. Merge contacts- There may be a chance of accumulating duplicate records. You can search the duplicates and merge them for a better organization of records.  This feature gives you the option to specify criteria to find duplicate records.

7. Mailchimp- Move your CRM contacts into your Mailchimp list so that you can easily plan, schedule, and personalize your email marketing campaigns.

8. Synced External Account- Sync your CRM with your Google account.