Business Mentoring


Your membership with includes access to weekly coaching sessions from CEO Fran Tarkenton. Please take a look at the instructions below on how to access these sessions.

Table of Contents



Accessing a Business Mentoring Session

To view a coaching session follow the steps outlined below:


  1. Log in to your account on
  2. From your member dashboard, select Mentoring.GoSmallBiz_Business_Mentoring
  3. Then either:
    1. Click on the icon to see this month’s featured series.
    2. Scroll down to access Previous Series Listing and Additional Topics.GoSmallBiz_Business_Mentoring


Watching an Episode

  1. Clicking on an icon for the month’s featured series will direct you to a screen where you can either play the video or browse through additional episodes.GoSmallBiz_Business_Mentoring
  2. Scrolling down to Previous Series Listings will allow you to access previous series.GoSmallBiz_Business_Mentoring
  3. Selecting one of the previous series will enable you to view all episodes within that series. From here, select the episode you would like to watch.GoSmallBiz_Business_Mentoring
  4. After selecting an episode, you will be directed to a screen that will allow you to either play the video or browse through the other episodes of the series.GoSmallBiz_Business_Mentoring
  5. Scrolling down to Additional Topics will offer a list of other topics to choose.GoSmallBiz_Business_Mentoring
  6. After choosing a topic, you can then select from a series of videos classified under that topic.GoSmallBiz_Business_Mentoring
  7. Clicking on a video’s icon will direct you to a screen where you can either play the episode or browse additional episodes.GoSmallBiz_Business_Mentoring