Understanding the Business Risk Assessment


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The GoSmallBiz.com Business Risk Assessment Tool allows you to easily monitor internal and external risks to your business. Our multiple-choice assessments last approximately 20 minutes a piece and, once completed, will generate a customized, comprehensive assessment of the risks facing your business. We suggest that you run these assessments monthly to evaluate where your business stands and address potential risks before they become problems. Let’s start by getting to know the Business Risk Assessment Tool.

Choosing an Assessment

To complete a risk assessment, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. From the Member Dashboard hover your mouse over Tools and select Business Risk Assessment.
  2. This will bring you to the Risk Assessment homepage. From here you can:
    1. Use the side or top navigation options to select a risk topic.
    2. Take the Risk Assessment in a particular area.
    3. View your most recent activity in the application.
    4. Access support materials for the application.


Completing an Assessment

Each assessment will consist of a series of multiple choice questions. Each question screen will allow you to:

  1. Select your answer.
  2. Continue to the next question (after selecting an answer).
  3. See what percentage of the assessment has been completed.


Saving Your Assessment

We recommend running monthly risk assessments and comparing each new month’s assessment with the previous month’s to review your progress towards eliminating risks in your business. The method used to save your assessment will differ depending on the internet browser being used. See below for instructions to save your assessment in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Browser: Mozilla Firefox


Browser: Google Chrome


Browser: Internet Explorer


Use the GoSmallBiz.com consulting team to help you limit risks in your business. See how to ask a question here