Understanding the Financials Tab


The Financials tab is where you will add financial information pertaining to your business. In the end, you will end up with a complete set of Financial Reports needed to be submitted with your Business Plan. Once you are in the financials tab, it is very simple to follow the wizard. Simply input the costs and funds needed and the Business Plan Software will do the calculations for you. Financial or accounting background is not needed to produce these financial statements. The costs and assumptions you provide however must be backed up with credible research and statistics. Assumptions are simply the reasoning behind how and why certain expenses cost what they are.


Starting your Financials


  1. First, navigate to the FINANCIAL Once there, you will be asked to begin with General Assumptions. Your financials are all based on assumptions that are backed up with credible research and statistics. Once done click on CONTINUE to continue to the next section.Financials 1
  1. Next, you will be asked to add your Revenue Assumptions. Your revenue assumptions are simply how you make sales. The list provided below will define the different types of sales:
  • Product Sales (Units)– Sales displayed by each product.
  • Product Sales (Gross)– Sales displayed in total.
  • Services– Sales displayed by service.
  • Professional– Sales displayed by professional services.
  • Commissioned– Sales displayed by commission.

  3. Choose a revenue assumption that best fits your business type and click the ADD REVENUE ITEMS button to continue. Finally, click on CONTINUE to continue to the next section. Financials 2

  4. Once you have selected a revenue assumption type, you will be asked to project your sales and complete the assumptions, such as when you expect revenues to start, what your sales are      going to be for the first 6 months, and how much you expect sales to increase up to 60 months after that. bp16

  5. Click SAVE to save any changes that you have made and proceed through the rest of the Financial sections, and remember you have the Help icon next to every open field to guide you through the process.