Understanding the Narrative Tab


The Narrative section is where you will write and develop your business plan. This tab will allow you to use the business plan wizard to complete each section of the business plan. You will be given an introduction on how this section works and what information you will need to input in each section.


Table of Contents


What Can You Do Within The Narrative Tab?




  1. Wizard Tab: Here you will be asked to select text or topics that are relevant to your business plan. You will describe the opportunity that you are trying to purse with the business plan. After completing the Wizard, you will be presented with a template text based on your choices. Click NEXT when finished with the Wizard.

Narrative Narrative 2

2. Template Tab: Write your business plan by using various templates to help you complete each section of the business plan. After complete the Wizard step, you have the option to add the presented text to your business plan. Just click the ‘CLICK HERE TO ADD THIS TEMPLATE TO YOUR BUSINESS PLAN’ button located below the template text. That text will then appear in a text editor where you can add and edit as much information as possible.


3. Explanation Tab: View and read an explanation of the section that you are in.

Narrative 4

4. Allow access to advisors to leave comments for particular parts of your business plan

5. Help: Watch a brief video on a particular section.

6. Add or delete as many sections as you would like in your business plan.

7. These are the Sections of your business plan that you will be able to go into and edit based on your business needs & information.